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About the Artist: EMERY G. VASS AIA

Emery G. Vass was born in Budapest, Hungary. His name in Hungarian is Vass Imre. He uses his initials in Hungarian for his signature, which is V for Vass and I for Imre, since in Hungary the last name comes first. This is his unique trademark, his logo, his creativity. He is a perfectionist., optimist and through his artistic ability in either in architecture or in his paintings he has always strived for higher perspectives.

Emery was born in Budapest Hungary on July 25th 1920.  He calls himself a "Centurion" and jokingly saying he is starting his next 100 years now.. 

He was educated as an architect in Europe, where the curriculum included art, expression in various media except oil.

After arriving to the USA  in 1956 and working as an intern to obtain his architectural license here in the USA, first in Pittsburgh PA than in Florida. He enrolled into the Famous  Artist School established by well known artist, the legendary Norman Rockwell. That was the time when he got the inspiration to follow the Great Master in style and idea. 

"I had been blessed by GOD with a keen eye and ability to pick up and see moments in our life and being able to convey the vision with a stroke of a brush on canvas as it happened, at the moment of real life." The tradition of the late Master, continues in the same spirit.

While practicing as a successful Architect, in his own business in West Palm Beach, he had an  urge  to get involved in oil painting and follow the Great Master whose  work created  the American style illustrating art capturing real moments and expressions  in our life.

However Emery's work of art is contained only to 5 pieces, since he was stuck with an eye disease and went completely blind. But even being blind it did not stop his spirit and he decided to share his master pieces with other art lovers, who can appreciate fine art.

All his works are under Copyright Protection.

(In this picture he is celebrating his 100th birthday, with his great grandson sitting next to him.)

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